About us

ROMICS is the great international Festival dedicated to Comics, Animation, Cinema, Games, Entertainment and Cosplay which takes place twice a year at New Fiera di Roma with over 400.000 visitors a year.


Romics is organised by Fiera di Roma and ISI.urb. Born in 2001, from 2013 Romics is held twice per year with both a Spring edition and an Autumn edition.


The Festival lives from the fusion of different expressive fields and their relative fascinations and languages, the mixture of knowledge, art and entertainment, the interaction between diverse generations, tastes, sensibilities. The visitor is not just a spectator, but also a protagonist of events and contests, he enjoys an interactive experience, rich in pathos, communication, sharing, serenity and friendship.  


A four-day festival full of events, meetings and shows: an extraordinary programme with over 100 contemporaneous presentations, meetings and events distributed over 10 locations.

5 pavillions to immerge yourself into the world of creativity, from comics to illustration, from fiction to cinema: all the latest news, large publishing houses, comic-books stores, collectors, videogames, gadjets and a lot of unmissable meetings with authors and editors.


ROMICS serves as an event for operators and enthusiasts, a crossover of ideas, contents and people. A unique format in which the planets of Romics Universe live together: comics, cinema, illustration, fiction, games and videogames. A creative event  where these worlds  talk to literature, illustration, street art,  music and cosplay, in a virtuous and mutual contamination.


ROMICS is also a trait d’union and a meeting place for different generations and trends. The primary objective is the spread of creativity among young people, as an expressive possibility and future job opportunities. In fact, Romics is recognised by the institutions and those working in the sector and maintains a strong relationships with Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali, Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca, and Regione Lazio.