“L’Ammazzafilm è tornato”(Gallucci): hilarious movie reviews by Stefano Disegni


The cult comics artist Stefano Disegni presents “L’Ammazzafilm è tornato. Per finire il lavoro” (The killer of films is back. To complete the work.''), a new, pungent, hilarious collection of comics reviews. From Alessandro Borghi in the role of Romolo to a ‘’not a young man anymore’’ Mel Gibson, passing through ''Non sono un assassino'' starring Scamarcio and ''The house that Jack built'' starring Matt Dillon, the irriverent pen of  Disegni spares no one. Anybody who really loves cinema and comics or more easily wants intelligently to have fun cannot miss this new exciting collection of comics.




Saturday 5th October from 12:00 to 12:45 at the Palco Comics & Movie, pav.5