Angelo Porazzi: from the drawing to the "Warangel Cosplay" game!


Angelo Porazzi, award-winning author and illustrator of board games, professional since 1996, presents at Romics " Warangel Cosplay" the first card game dedicated to over 90 Italian cosplayers. Many cosplayers have taylored the costumes designed by Angelo for the over 600 warriors that animate the univers of Warangel: the ‘’Star Woman’’ created by Lucrezia Crisci on the cover of the game, the "Valkyrie on Dragon" illustrated on the cover of the book of the twentieth anniversary … and many others. On the front side of each card the picture of the Cosplayer, on the back side the Angelo’s drawing from which the costume is taken.


Discover all drawings, creations, books … of this Artist of the Board Game in his very rich site: ; or even better, come to meet him during the 4-day Festival, at the Stand "Angelo Porazzi Games- Area Autoproduzione" at the center of Pavilion 8!