Diabolike. Women and Comics



Diabolik character was created by the sisters Angela e Luciana Giussani, and as a consequence conceived by female imagination, but only the second issue was also illustrated by the hands of a woman, Kalissa Giacobini and now, after over 50 years, it returns to be drawn by two women: Giulia Francesca Massaglia and Stefania Caretta. But not just that. Diabolik is reinterpreted in an ironical way in a story ad hoc illustrated by Silvia Ziche. The ‘’female revolution’’ becomes an opportunity for reflection on the growing presence of female comic book artists in the italian context and the relative consequences in terms of style, vision and contents that this implies, as well as the creation of new characters and the reinterpretation of those traditionally handled by male authors.


The panel will be attended by Giulia Francesca Massaglia,  Stefania Caretta and Silvia Ziche, and moderated by the journalist and  essayist Valeria Arnaldi.