Italian Pencils – A meeting on Italian Comics and Illustration: stories, talents and languages


At Romics a great event dedicated to professionals of the sector: Italian Pencils – a meeting on italian comics and illustration: stories, talents and languages with the partnership of Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Associazione Italiana Editori, Associazione degli Editori Indipendenti, Publishers and Festival directors of the sector.


Comics and illustration are integral parts of our culture. The high quality level of italian comics and illustration is internationally recognised. The history of italian comics (also the most recent history), is enriched by several talented artists and successful stories. Many authors works for major publishing houses and a lot of artists have become reference points for international majors of comics sector. Italy is enjoying a flourishing moment in terms of both quality and amount of productions, an explosion of graphic novels and emerging artists. However, the italian market shows some limits which involves both production and distribution; web and transmediality are affecting genres, styles and contents; marketing and fund raising more and more determine the success of a publishing project. In short, certain market costraints can distort the true meaning of a profession and cultural vocation.


The Meeting, that will take place on Friday 4 October, will consist of two Round-tables, the first entitled: Cultural values, status and prospects of publishing market referring to comics and illustration. The second title will be: What future for comics?


Discussion will be attended by: Paola Passarelli, General Director for Libraries and Cultural Institutes, Ministry of Cultural Heritage; Gianni Peresson Studies Office Associazione Italiana Editori; Andrea Palombi, Vice-President of Associazione degli Editori Indipendenti; Sabrina Perucca, Artistic Director of Romics; Giovanni Russo, Lucca Comics and Games; Matteo Stefanelli, Artistic Director of Napoli Comicon; Enrico Fornaroli, Director of Academy of Fine Arts Bologna; Giuseppe Pastorelli, Directorate of Promotion Sistema Paese, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marco Rana, Editor Mondadori Oscar Ink, Tito Faraci, Curator of Feltrinelli Comics, Massimiliano Clemente, Editorial Director of Tunuè, Lucio Staiano, Founder of Shockdom, Marco Schiavone, Editor of Edizioni BD/J-POP Manga, Alessio Danesi, Publishing Supervisor saldaPress, Francesco D'Erminio Ratigher, Editorial Director of Coconino Press, Max Giovagnoli, Romics.