The Japan phenomenon, from mangas and animations to the new trends


The Japan phenomenon: the Otaku Culture, the passion for Anime,  Manga,  Cosplay and J-Pop, the impact of Japanese culture in the world, in its most contemporary traits.  


The production of mangas and animations has infected and raised various generations all over the world, a creative and communicative energy of huge dimensions, that comes to include even videogames and J-Pop music. In this meeting, the reasons for this success will be subject of discussion. Kazutaka Sato will talk about I.O.E.A, an international association that brings together events and Festivals from various part of the world dealing with the Japanese and Otaku Culture, for encouraging cultural exchanges. The illustrator Midori Harada, well-known in the world for her artistic contribution to materials and merchandise Pokemon, will tell us her job experience for one of the most important Japanese brands in the world. International and italian Cosplayers will talk about their passion for Japan that passing through anime, manga and music has led them to discover and admire also the most traditional aspects of this Country. 

An unmissable event on the Japanese culture, a crosswise look on its contemporary expressions and the new trends, linked to the technology and the new creative formats.