Kyoani - A Tribute to Kyoto Animation


July 18, 2019 was a date that marked the world of animation. On that fateful day the Studio 1 of  Kyoto Animation was destroyed by arson causing the death of 35 employees, including some artists whose works we will no longer be able to admire.


In these circumstances two italian initiatives have taken shape: the first one organized by Enrico Simonato and Livia De Simone, who have involved a group of artists and colleagues, to create a memorial art book. The book infact, collects 34 illustrations dedicated to most of collaborations and productions that Kyoani has developed over the years. The public will be able to admire works by artists such as: Gabriele Dell'Otto, Alessandro Vitti, Marco Albiero, Federica di Meo, Vincenzo Riccardi, and many others. Proceeds from the sale of this art book will be donated to Kyoto Animation as a contribution to support the Japanese studio on its path to recovery.  


The second initiative has been conceived by Alessandro Falciatore, director of website, who is arranging a charity auction with original works, the proceeds of which will be devolved to Kyoani.


At Romics a great tribute to Studio 1 of Kyoto Animation, with the presentation of the project, the participation of some artists who took part in it and the projection of illustrations created by them.


The event will be presented by Alessandro Falciatore.