Pala Games Romics XXVI


At the  Pala Games of Romics, in collaboration with Mkers, takes shape something really impressive in terms of both quantity and quality.  


The game stations have been doubled both in free play and multiplayers. 

Workshops and training sessions, to learn the secrets of your favourite games, but also to understand how to handle some gaming elements you would not have imagined …

And again: gadgets shop, area retrogaming and wonderful initiatives reserved to the gaming accessible to disabled people.  


Stay with us to known all the details.


Royale Rumble:

Royale Rumble is a very new Format, created by Mkers and Fafi, where the energy and the resistence of the players will decide the final winner. 

Like in a real arena, over 4 days with 4 different titles, kids will be able to compete in a knockout phase. Who wins goes!


Area PC/Console (DarkZone, Game Over, Area Console):

Over 200 gaming stations divided between the many partners which have joined the initiative.

Among the protagonists: e-Sports, pro players and top Influencers. Pow3r, Efesto, Ezektoor, Prinsipe, Sloppy, Midna, Wizard Jo, Showtime will be just some of the names attending the event.


Area Workshop:

The social impact of videogame will be the main topic of the Workshop area. During the 4 days of the Festival, experts of nutrition, postural analysis and mental coaching will take part in the discussion panel to improve public awareness on issues related to the world of videogames.


Area Training:

Fut Universe, the largest italian community dedicated to the Fifa world, will manage a 4-day show-match with the most important italian Fifa pro players, dispensing game tricks and advice on how to improve their performances.



The italian champions of R6, Daniele "Prinsipe" Paolucci, Matteo "Ribel"Ribera, Efesto and many others await you at the Pala Games to share 4 days full of events with gadgets and gaming sessions dedicated to their fans.   

An amazing surprise will wait for you at the Mkers stand of Romics.


Area Bee Inclusion:

A space dedicated to the first italian portal addressed to inclusiveness and the spaces accessible to disabled people. Among the various receptive facilities also game rooms available to people with disabilities.



Merchandising and gadgets of the talents who will be take the stage such as: Gemello, Power, Mkers, Efesto and many others …