Panini Comics at the XXVI edition of Romics



Panini Comics - Pala Comics Stand D2-  at the XXVI edition of Romics presents the Volume Chanabara. Le spade del tradimento that will be released on October 3 and published by Sergio Bonelli Editore, Joker - Il Clown Nero and Spasmox - Torbido published by Weird Book and  Fantomius - Ladro Gentiluomo


Spasmox - Torbido

A new cover with paperback edition for Spasmox – Torbido , comic book written by Sebastiano Vilella and illustrated by Alfonso Elia. A tribute to Italian Black Comics of the seventies.


Joker - Il Clown Nero

Who is the Joker?

Weird Book presents for the first time in Italy an unpublished document, the anatomy of the most controversial creature of DC Comics, an immortal villain, a timeless icon.

Edited by Luigi Boccia, written by Giada Cecchinelli, Mario A. Rumor, Giuseppe Carradori and Roberto Donati.

Jocker, the black Clown leads the reader in a journey through the darkness of madness and celebrity.


Volume Chanbara: Le Spade del Tradimento

The feudal Japan is the backdrop of the story of master Ichi, the invincible blind Samurai created by Roberto Recchioni and Andrea Accardi.