Altan Golden Romics of the XXVI edition

Altan, creator of La Pimpa and great master of italian satire,

will receive the Golden Romics of the twenty-sixth edition of the Festival

The comic book artist will present at Romics the italian preview of Uomini ma straordinari, first title of a series of books that will be published by Coconino Press


Francesco Tullio Altan will receive the Golden Romics Award at the XXVI edition of the Festival of Comics, Cinema, Animation and Games, which will take place from 3 to 6 October.  The famous artist will be one of the special guests of this edition of the Festival to celebrate his forty-year-old career in the world of illustration and comics. Born in Treviso in 1942, in 1975 he settled first in Milan then in Aquileia, where he still lives. In the same period he created for the Corriere dei Piccoli his most successful character, Pimpa, a female puppy with red polka dots which has entered the hearts of italian children. Such was the popularity of its stories that a Pimpa’s monthly magazine has been published since 1987, even in Argentina e Turkey, while an animated series is still on air on the Rai channels.  Altan is also famous for his graphic novels, created since the seventies for an adult audience and published in episodes for the first time on the magazine Linus directed by Oreste del Buono. From the parodies of historical biographies such as Columbus and Franz to the ironic re-reading of the adventure (Ada in the jungle, Macao, Sandokan), and sad contemporary parables such as Friz Melone and Cuori pazzi. Third and well-known aspect of his production is satire: his comics panels were published by Panorama, Tango, Cuore and Smemoranda, and he is currently continuing a long-standing collaboration with L'Espresso and La Repubblica.

At Romics Altan will present the italian preview of Uomini ma straordinari, published by Coconino Press that with this book starts the full publication of Altan’s graphic novels; master of irony in narrating the past and present of Italy, an author deeply rooted to our collective imagination. In this book Altan tells in his own way the life and feats of Cristopher Columbus, Saint Francis of Assisi, Giacomo Casanova and Ben, the fourth son of Noè. Irriverent and pungent, Uomini ma straordinari is the first of a series of books that will introduce the art of Altan to a new generation of readers: master of a such biting irony but at the same time deeply human, passionate defender of the doubt and the freedom of thought against any pre-established authority and convention.

Altan will meet the public of Romics on Sunday 6 October from 14:45 to 16:00 at the Pala Romics – Sala Grandi eventi e proiezioni, pav.9.

The presence of Altan at Romics is possible thanks to the collaboration with Coconino Press.