Celebrating Donald Duck!



This is a very important year for Duckburg: at Romics an unmissable meeting to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Paperinik, the diabolic avenger and the 85th anniversary of Donald Duck.


Thousands of adventures throughout the world, sometimes even far from Earth! Disasters avoided, permanent disputes with Scrooge McDuckle, love pains with Daisy Duck, the life of the most loved Duck of the world is really complicated! Donald Duck will be the protagonist of new adventures on the role of Paperinik on the newspaper for kids Topolino, signed by Marco Gervasio.


The new project “Paperinik” includes new stories, each of which takes place in two episodes, that recall the original atmospheres of the diabolic avenger, created by Guido Martina, even though with an appropriate contribution of modernity. The central issue is “to remind” the reader that  behind the mask we recognize our beloved Donald Duck, with all its merits and above all defects.


The first story, written and illustrated by Marco Gervasio “Paperinik e l’inghippo del B&B” will open this new series.


In addition, a volume of Classici Disney entirely dedicated to “Fantomius”, the legendary gentleman thief that inspired Paperino for creating the identity of Paperinik will be released in October and will include 7 stories already published before, connected by 16 new plates written by Gervasio, in order to form a single and quite long novel of Fantomius.

We will discover more about Paperinik and Donald Duck in an unmissable meeting with Alex Bertani, director of Topolino, Marco Gervasio, scriptwriter and illustrator, and Andrea Freccero, artistic supervisor of Topolino.