Every film director has an own vision, but also every artist has his own vision! George Hull and the behind the scenes of great science fiction


"If you love your job, you will have the feeling of not having worked a single day of your life "  is the motto of George Hull, more than 70 films in his career including the great successes of science fiction over the last twenty years. At Romics he exhibited the spaceships created for the second Guardians of the Galaxy, the cyberpunk creatures of The Matrix and the flying machines of Blade Runner 2047, and he revealed that the author who inspired him the most was Leonardo da Vinci, at the same time inventor and artist. He also talked about the excellent relationship with the Wachowskis, the inspiration which can draw upon anything, from microorganisms and bacteria as well as the lights of Bombay or the Salgado’s photos. But above all, the need of bringing oursenves in every film, that is what every director really demands from his concept artists, or rather: all that he lacks to imagine and give life to the great film he has in mind and he was asked to realize.