A farewell to Monkey Punch, creator of Lupin III


A farewell to Monkey Punch (pseudonym of Kazuhiko Kato), the great japanese Mangaka, who created in 1967 Lupin III, considered one the most loved characters all over the world. The inspiration for the series Lupin III was the fictional French gentleman thief Arsène Lupin created by Maurice Leblanc. Monkey Punch, who was awarded the Golden Romics in 2001, fused together eastern and western suggestions, also creating a series of supporting characters much loved from the public. Lupin III was so successful that  this character has also been present for years in numerous animated and comic books series.  Monkey Punch alternated his work on Lupin III with other creations, and foremost among them some truly enjoyable comic strips.


Great enthusiast of Italy, a Country that he visited several times, Monkey Punch  wanted that his Lupin could also live through the pencils of different italian authors, thanks to the series Lupin III Millenium curated by Kappa Boys, Kappa Edizioni, a publishing house that has established an important partnership with the japanese artist.


Romics is very attached to Monkey Punch, since the mangaka inaugurated the first edition of the Festival in 2001, where he was also celebrated as first Golden Romics Award. We remember him with great affection and gratitude, we feel the lack of his pleasant and generous presence. He liked very much to see Cosplayers stepping into the shoes of his characters, he was really interested in the art of Cosplay in general and he was also the president of the jury of the Cosplay contest in that edition. 


With great emotion we remind his meeting with the audience of a crowded Pala Romics, where he talked about his career and the projects on which he was working on. 


Monkey Punch has also attended the Okiagari Koboshi Exhibition, an initiative created by the stylist Kenzo in favour of Fukushima. Over 150 Koboshis painted by mangakas, illustrators and artists from all over the world.  Monkey Punch’s Koboshi could only have the face of Lupin III.


We say farewell to Monkey Punch with in mind his image: intent on drawing on the big whiteboard, admired by thousand of people, the fascinating and clever but even cheerful face of his Lupin III. Thank you  Sensei.



Sabrina Perucca