Gigitex continues to ride


The career of Alberto Simioni took place almost entirely within the Catholic publishing, particularly for the monthly magazine of Combonians of Verona “Il Piccolo Missionario”, and this contributed to penalise, under the aspect of visibility, the venetian comics artist, who died prematurely in1990 at the age of 38. His most accomplished character, the gunman Gigitex, is however managed to carve out a certain notoriety, recently enhanced by a relaunch of its adventures, curated by Franco Carrara (personal friend and biographer of Simioni), for Edizioni Festina Lente of Ferrara, animated by Marco Mari.

During the meeting coordinated by Giuseppe Pollicelli will be presented to the public the second anthology, soon to be released, dedicated by Festina Lente to Gigitex, including episodes created between 1979 and 1982 (instead the first anthology, published in 2017 and welcomed by readers and critics, covered the period 1982-1988).


Moderator: Giuseppe Pollicelli

Guests: Franco Carrara, Maro Mari, Loreta Zanella, Giustina Anna Simioni