Giorgio Cavazzano between Science fiction and Fantasy


“Towards infinity ... and beyond!” was the motto of the nice astronaut of Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear. The drawing of Giorgio Cavazzano, “living legend” of the Ninth Art, went towards the unknown territories of the infinity (and beyond) over all his 52 years of career, creating planets and space travels, giving a face to any sort of aliens (mostly, funny aliens) and drawing with pencil and ink very complicated spaceships.


In this exhibition, the first ever of the venetian artist dedicated to science fiction and fantasy, we can find both classics and rarities. Dragon Lords belongs without doubt to the first category, the fantasy kolossal written by Byron Erickson, Disney masterpiece in the genre. Let ourselves be captivated by the mysterious alien abduction of Uncle Scrooge and the space adventures of Paperinik. Without forgetting that, often those who comes from another planet can be better than many terrestrials… Very cute characters such as Ok Quack, Eega Beeva and Reginella prove it.


What can we discover among the rarities? From the tables of Devoluzione, a jewel created by Quasimodo (pseudonym of Tiziano Scalvi), published for the last time in the magazine Alter Alter in 1978, to Maledetta Galassia! written by Bonvi for Cavazzano, and then landing in the realm of fantasy of the adventurer Timothée Titan, created by Cavazzano in collaboration with his friend François Corteggiani.


-Francesco Verni-