Romics at Yamato Cosplay Cup International with the italian partecipant Carlo Visintini

Carlo Visintini, winner of Romics Cosplay Award in the XXII edition of Romics (5-8 October 2017), will represent Italy at Yamato Cosplay Cup International in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The final will took place on Sunday 22 July  2018.

It will depend on him to uphold the honour of Italy that in the two previous editions of the competition has brought home two first places thanks to Andrea di Virgilio and Luca Buzzi, both chosen through Romics.


We wish the best of luck to Carlo, who for the occasion has given a short interview to Romics:


Are you excited from the idea of representing Italy at Yamato Cosplay Cup International?

First of all I feel honoured to represent Italy and I will try to do that at best of my abilities  not only with regard to the performance but also in the relationships with all competitors, judges and organizers.


How did you prepare for this competition?

Approximately  in the same way as I prepare all the other competitions  in which I participate. This time I had to give up many things and make compromises: it is not easy to undertake long journeys for a cosplayer  because of the restrictions imposed by airlines. Limitations on size and weight of luggage make things more difficult.


Which character will you play? Can you reveal it to us?
I’d rather not actually;  even if someone has already been informed.


Can you tell us something about the creation of your cosplay?  

For the first time I used foam as the main material, for the rest I remained faithful to techniques that I normally use. Scenography could appear to be a risk for reasons of visibility from the stage,  but this is what I wanted to create.


What do you expert from this  experience?
The pleasure to meet cosplayers coming from all over the world, have fun, a nice competition and make an experience useful for my future.  



Intervista video a Carlo Visintini vincitore del Romics Cosplay Award ottobre 2017




Esibizione live di Carlo Visintini al Romics Cosplay Award ottobre 2017