Sword Art Online. “Although this is a game, it is not at all a game”.


The exhibition with the fascinating illustrations of Abec created for the Reki Kawahara’s light novel.


“Nobody can quit before completing this game… '' So begins this cruel Death Game wich attracts about ten thousand users, not aware of the cruel truth  behind Sword Art Online (SAO), the first Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game of new generation.


Kirito is the protagonist. There are many other players, each with their own job and vision of the world. Some of them, even without a log out, live happily, laugh and sometimes shed tears. The heroine Asuna, Silica the tamer, Yui the baby of the mistery, fairy Leafa, Sinon the sniper and many others.


…So the saga of Sword Art Online began a rapid raise in the heart of fans around the world. After the launch in Japan, that immediately achieved an amazing success, have also been  published mangas, anime and videogames. The light novel series written by Reki Kawahara, celebrated in this edition with the Golden Romics Award and illustrated by Abec, special guest of Romics. The history tells us Kazuto Kirigaya, young online videoplayer who in the near future experiments the first virtual realities MMORPG.


SAO is officially activated on 6 November 2022, but users soon realise that they cannot leave the network. The creator of the game, Akihiko Kayaba informs he has imprisoned them: to quit the game, players must overstep the last level, provided that in case of death inside the virtual reality, players will also die in reality. Among the many players we find Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, one of the 1.000 beta testers who was given the opportunity to check the game. Thanks to his experience, Kirito commits himself to carry out the game and as time passes he will join the female player Asuna. 


In Sword Art Online we can find some of the most interesting items that more and more emerge in the contemporary science fiction stories, dealing with a really near future, a close relationship between man and technology, almost symbiotic, the same narrative point of view already touched on films such as Strange Days, Ready Player One and many others.


The exhibition provides a path between covers of visual strong impact, colour illustrations and amazing black and white images, that accompany the reader into the most intense moments of the saga and fans will have the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity by meeting Kawahara and ABEC at Romics.