Villain, mentor and outside the rules artist: Willem Dafoe has enchanted the audience of Romics

A great lesson about cinema and life, in just a few words. "The part of villain is above all a human condition obtained from en entire life of experiences, for the character you need to interpret’’. comments Willem Dafoe, recalling his "epic" performance for his role as Norman Osborne in Spider-man, by Sam Raimi.  "I have never had any mentors during my career. I learned everything at the beginning thanks to theater, a performance after another" he says while some images taken from Aquaman and Nemo are shown behind him. A space for the poetry of great cinema, with the outside the rules artists that he includes in his credits, from Pasolini to Thomas S. Eliott and a sequence of Van Gogh. Some moments to talk about "work with the voice" and the need for an actor of finding the possibility to switch between great films and experimental cinema. In the end, a funny comment about the use of irony voicing a new school teacher in The Simpsons and the character of Ryuk in Death Note.