The winners of Romics Cosplay Award October 2018

Romics Cosplay Award 2018 has just ended with the choice of the italian competitors who will take part in the Cosplay Summit 2019 in Nagoya –Japan and in the Yamato Cosplay Cup International 2019 in Sao Paulo – Brazil.

A large number of cosplayers were called to challenge themselves on the stage of Romics to represent the high level of italian cosplay!


Desirè Tirolo has surprised the audience and conquered the jury performing Aloy, a character taken from Horizon Zero Dawn, which allowed the young cosplayer to win the selections to attend the Yamato Cosplay Cup International.


Instead, Fabiano Valentino and Samuele Campobassi have won the selection to attend the World Cosplay Summit. The two talented guys, taking inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask have performed into the shoes of Skull Kid and Fierce Deity Link. They will represent Italy in Japan in the most sought competition ever.   


Romics once again comfirms itself, the reference event for the cosplay world.


Special thanks to Kamehouse Shop for the sponsorship, real benchmarck for a lot of cosplayers and leading company for cosplay products, faithful to its philosophy provides high-quality materials at affordable price, allowing the cosplayers to express themselves at their best.  


The best of luck to Desirè, Fabiano and Samuele for their forthcoming adventures in the cosplay world!