Robin Wood - Golden Romics of the III edition

Robin Wood - Golden Romics of the III edition

Robin Wood is one of the most prolific South-American comic writers. He was born in New Australia, Paraguay, into a family of Australian immigrants of Irish origins. Wood eventually settled in Buenos Aires. He was a correspondent for the Argentine newspaper El Territorio, before he began his collaboration with the comic book publisher Columba.

His first comic was 'Aquí la Retirada', which was drawn by Lucho Olivera. Since then, Wood has created many famous serials, of which 1967's 'Nippur de Lagash' is probably the best known (art by Villagran, Zaffino, Carlos Leopardi, etc.). Together with the brothers Ricardo, Enrique and Carlos Villagran, he founded the Nippur IV studios in 1974. At one time the studio employed 20 artists and assistants, producing work for comic publishers in Argentina and Europe.

Wood's output of the late 1960s and 1970s further included 'Dennis Martin' (art Angel Fernandez), 'Big Norman' (art Daniel Haupt, Horacio Altuna), 'Los Amigos' (art Alberto Macagno), 'Gilgamesh' (art Olivera), 'Dax' (art a.o. Ruben Marchionne), 'Jackaroe' (with Gianni Dalfiume), 'Helena' (art Ernesto Garcia Seijas), 'Savarese' (1978, with Mandrafina) and 'Qui la Legione' (art Luis Garcia Duran).

In the 1980s, Wood settled in Italy, where he began a collaboration with Eura Editoriale, the publisher of the magazines Lanciostory and Skorpio. During this decade, Wood created new serials like 'Dago' (art by Salinas, Carlos Gomez), 'Il Cosacco' (art Carlos Casalla, Furlino), 'Kozacovich & Connors' (art Garcia Duran), 'Kevin' (art Ernesto Garcia Seijas, Angel Fernandez), 'Morgan - Hard World' (art Mandrafina). Although most of his work is in the realistic genre, he also created the humorous series 'Pepe Sánchez' and 'Mi Novia y Yo' with Carlos Vogt. With Vogt, he also created the semi-autobiographical character 'Mojado'.

In the 1990s, Wood created 'Dracula l'Uomo' (art Alberto Salinas), 'Ibanez' (art Enrique Breccia), 'Chaco' (art Salinas, Carlos Casalla), 'Martin Hel' (art Angel Fernandez, Ruben Marchionne), 'Munro' (art Pedrazzini), 'Nan Hai' (art Garcia Duran), 'Starlight' (art Juan Zanotto), 'Il Pellegrino' (art Walther Taborda), 'Merlino' (art Enrique Alcatena), 'Putifat' (art Vega de Lyra), 'Amanda' (art Alfredo Falugi), 'Port Douglas' (art Gerardo Canelo), 'Kayan' (art Zaffino, Barreto, Enrique Villagrán), 'I Borgia' (art Salinas), 'El Joven Nippur' (art Gabriel Rearte), and 'Clochard' (art Alberto Ascanio). Robin Wood lives and works in Denmark.