The Great Exhibitions of the XXIV edition of Romics

Great exhibition dedicated to comics, Golden Romics, cinema and illustration. Two extraordinary career itineraries of Marco Gervasio with From Topolino to Fantomius,  the amazing adventures  of Marco Gervasio and The dream, the magic and the poetry: Charlotte Gastaut between Illustration and Fashion;  Diabolik  as seen by Sergio Zaniboni. Visual Path and Live Performance with 25 Anni di Scuola Romana dei Fumetti in Mostra, an exhibition that has retraced 25 years of Scuola Romana dei Fumetti through a selection of  remarkable collaborations, from comics to theatre, cinema, institutions, cartoons and live drawing performance with many different authors of the school. The Italian Pencillers  winning  the Romics Comic-books Contest , an exhibition itinerary dedicated to the great variety of italian comics; Evangelion Sci-Fi Anime Attack and Take My Revolution! Utena, 20th Exhibit, an exhibition to celebrate Evangelion and the double twentieth anniversary; Makinarium, with Dreams and nightmares of the great  genre cinema: sci-fi, fantasy and horror and RevolutionArt. 12 artists for the '68 together with  Scuola Internazionale di Comics to express the creative freedom of the riots of ‘68, which have shaken the basis of western society and not only.





Le Grandi Mostre della XXIV edizione di Romics