A stellar Pala Games


An always amazing Pala Games thanks to the presence of great names of italian and world gaming. Among the proposed activities: Euronics, with its usual, exceptional and unmissable tournements with the most sought after titles both on PC Asus and PS4 console: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 2vs2, tactical shooter  mainly focused on multiplayer online experience. FIFA 19 1vs1, which doesn’t need any kind of introduction. League of Legends the videogame with over 67 milion of players and over 7,5 milion simultaneously at peak hours, Hearhstone the trading card videogame and Overwatch set on planet Earth around the year 2070.

Microsoft with freee play and Forza Horizon 4 tournaments, openworld driving videogame developed exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10 by Playground Games; Nintendo with its Switch game stations, to try out Mario Party, Mario Kart and 1-2 Switch. Warner Bros Entertainment Italia which proposed a series of gaming titles by Lego. Ubisoft with a series of game stations dedicated to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and The Crew 2.

Sony provided its Playstations with titles such as Spiderman and God of War, in addition to the  Playstation VR to test the virtual gaming.

And since entertainment doesn’t only mean videogame, X-Joy made its return with a testing area of its electric vehicles and drones.

Like every year the young participants at the XXIV edition of Romics were able to meet their idols at pavillion 6, watch their performances and also the oppotunity to meet the most appreciated Creators.

The format Show your Talent, the contest dedicated to all young youtubers.

With over 7 million and a half followers and over two and a half billion views on YouTube, Favij returned at Romics, Creator with a confident tone of voice, gift of the gab and striking sense of houmor.

Eagerly awaited at Romics the webstar with 12,5 million views on Youtube with his first novel. Tancredi Galli, in art Sigh Tanc is one of the most popular youtuber in Italy.

The show of creators continued with the presence of Sespo,  Fius Gamer (Ohm, Enry Lazza and T4tino23); Melagoodo with Blur, Zano, Frenezy, Chakra and Fazzottero, the best gameplayers of the tube with 1.275.000 subscriptions on the channel; Lilly Meraviglia and many other roman talents marked Greater Fool Geppo, Charlotte M., zFenix, Billi Foster, VIHNS, xDrake and TikToker: BabyPrincesshh, ilViglio, Leonardo Marchetti and many others.


Games Romics XXIV edizione