Paolo Barbieri and Victor Togliani: fantasy and science fiction join together at Romics


Dragons, spaceships and cyborgs: fantasy and science fiction join together. Victor Togliani and Paolo Barbieri will confront each other on the languages of future and fantasy.


What lies behind the visual universes of the Lord of the Rings, the urban future of Blade Runner and the long awaited cyberpunk Alita?


Two artists of great visual impact, Victor Togliani and Paolo Barbieri, two Masters of illustration engaged in an unmissable dialogue about the great visual suggestions which mostly come from cinema, great fantasy sagas and the most intriguing visions of the future.


The power of a single illustration, an image which become an entire visual universe, the world of reference where we can usually find the most loved characters of the cinema, fiction and videogames.


Victor Togliani, illustrator, Art Director, set and model designer, for cinema and advertising (Art Director, set and monsters design of Aida degli Alberi by Guido Manuli, Mecha Design of Nirvana by Gabriele Salvatores) and Paolo Barbieri, illustrator (Fantasy Cats, L’inferno di Dante, Unicorn, cover artist for many great italian and international writers, art direction, scenic design and color of Aida degli Alberi) will debate on the creative universes of fantasy and science fiction.