Willem Dafoe Golden Romics


From Platoon to Spider-man, from Grand Budapest Hotel to Murder on the Orient Express, from Pasolini to Van Gogh, passing through the dubbing in cinema and animation.


Willem Dafoe will receive the Golden Romics Award for Cinema of the 25th edition of the Festival.

With more of one hundred films shot all over the world, the amazing career of Willem Dafoe was costantly permeated by a profound research on human nature and a strong eclecticism, that brought him to move seamlessly from big Hollywood productions to indie film projects.


Dafoe has collaborated with the most respected filmakers, from Wim Wenders to Werner Hertzog and Wes Anderson, from Martin Scorsese to David Lynch and Kenneth Branagh, from Oliver Stone to Lars von Trier, from David Cronenberg to Abel Ferrara, from Spike Lee to Julian Schnabel, and many others. Four Oscar nominations, a Golden Bear to the artist’s career at Berlin Film Festival and many prizes and honors received all over the world attest the notable artistic thickness of a versatile actor, who for his ability of digging deeply into the psychology of characters has moved from superhuman movies, with the unforgettable antagonist of Sam Raimi’s Spider-man Trilogy  (where he played Green Goblin) and the mentor of the recent Aquaman by James Wan, to refined characters of choral films such as Grand Budapest Hotel and Murder on the Orient Express. From adventure movies such as John Wick or horror as Shadow of the Vampire to biographies of the most controversial artists of their time, such as Pasolini by Abel Ferrara and the superb Vincent Van Gogh by Julian Schnabel.


He is also known for his role of dubbing actor, in films particularly appreciated by the Romics audience such as Death Note and the anime Finding Nemo and some episodes of The Simpsons.  


Willem Dafoe will be present at Romics for a meeting with the public dedicated to topics such as: how to create a perfect antagonist, the right approach to the script and “working with voice”.