5 cm per second - National Cinema Preview


Romics is pleased to announce, in collaboration with Dynit and Nexo Digital Srl, the national preview of the animated film 5 cm per second, the masterpiece which have Makoto Shinkai made known to the general public.


After the success of Your Name with over 352 million dollars in worldwide box offices, Romics presents the national preview of 5 cm per second, a touching story that sees as protagonists Takaki and Akari, two primary students united by a common love for the reading. When Akari moves to the nearby prefecture of Tochigi, the two friends are forced to stay in contact only through an hearth breaking exchange of letters. Some time later, Takaki decides to undertake a long journey alone to meet for the last time his friend, during a night of winter… 


A not to be missed and emotional event reserved to the audience of Romics.


Do not miss the opportunity to attend the national preview of the animated film 5 cm per second.

Reserve your place now! The free projection has a limited number.

 To access the preview you must register and complete the online form by and not later than midnight 4 April 2019.   




The projection of 5 cm for second in original language with italian subtitles, will begin at  16.00 on Friday 5 April, at Pav.8 Pala Romics – Sala Grandi Eventi e Proiezioni


5 cm per second will be released in italian theaters by Nexo Digital in collaboration with Dynit on 13, 14, 15 May 2019.


Full cinemas list available on: www.nexodigital.it.